If you’re serious about growing your business through Sales, click here. If you need more context, keep reading.

I didn’t want to start a sales training or coaching business but had to. Why? Because of a few things:

  1. Change is constant.
  2. The marketplace is crowded.
  3. Buyers are more powerful than ever.
  4. Most people think ALL salespeople are pushy.
  5. There is a shortage of qualified, passionate people called Sales Trainers.
  6. My friends are incredible Entrepreneurs or Professionals but still struggle to find, get and keep new customers.

They poured money into business coaches… but couldn’t get consistent results. They dumped money into marketing… but couldn’t convert leads. They networked their butts off… but still weren’t reaching their growth goals. They read every business growth book… but still didn’t know where to start.

So I created three simple sales solutions to help them make more money, reach their goals and build relationships for life by NOT selling at all. Wanna know what they were? Then click here: 3 Solutions


“Michelle is one of the best growth consultants I’ve known. She has endless energy that drives her. She’s always optimistic and friendly. She is very focused, responsible and empathetic to her customers’ needs. She has been a pleasure to work with.”

Ibrahim Dajani,  MA, IT Professional