Sales Coaching 101: Seeing beyond the obvious

(Picture this: Sales coach and new hire are sitting in an open, white office space overlooking a city. The space is clean and – depending on your perspective – empty or full of possibilities.)

Coach: “Do you see that?”

New Hire: “See what? I just see a whole lotta white space. It’s empty.”

Coach: “You’re right. It’s a white space, but it’s far from empty.”


This scene is probably familiar to you if you are sales coach or have been in a leadership position that requires you to onboard and train new hires. If not, you’re about to get a glimpse of a new world.

To be an effective coach, you must see beyond the obvious. You are perceptive. You look beyond what your natural eyes see and into the internal workings of a person, problem or design.

Leadership has changed more in the last 3 years than in the past 20. Managers can no longer be hands-off. If you are in a leadership role, you need to be a coach, too. You understand that every action causes an equal or opposite reaction; one decision can either make or break progress.

Are you running your organization from this vantage point? If so, then you see and clearly understand your environment. If not, then it is critical to revolutionize your teams through vision, people and purpose.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Start a conversation with us by posting a comment below.

Joy & Coffee, Michelle

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