Sales Coaching 101: Potential + creative planning = expressed excellence

In the past 3 weeks, we’ve discussed effective sales coaching. It starts with an Effective Coach (EC) that sees beyond the obvious. Then he/she combines potential with creative planning to get expressed excellence.
Expressed excellence?
Expressed excellence is greatness in action. Its results affect everything from productivity to relationships. If the work of an individual or organization becomes expressed excellence (toward a common goal), then a brilliant opportunity to solidify a long-term partnership has appeared.
Why? Because you’ve built rapport, gained trust and created a belief that more experiences like this will occur in the future.

What kinds of expressed excellence experiences can you manufacture for your team or clients? How can you take this knowledge and apply it to what you’re building?

Let’s talk! Post a comment below. We’d love to hear from you and help.

Joy & Coffee, Michelle

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