Sales 101: 7 Reasons Why I Love Being A Salesperson

Michelle C. Harris, Founder

Most people HATE salespeople. Even MORE people hate the thought of BEING one. Well, not me. I LOVE BEING A SALESPERSON!

Why? Because when you’re a saleperson you get to:

1.      Meet TONS of cool people. Many of them are Business Owners. They have incredible stories complied of risks and rewards, failures and successes. You get real-life, entrepreneurship insights by being a salesperson.

2.      See TONS of new ideas. Many of them are in technology or manufacturing. These companies are on a mission change the world by eliminating common frustrations. You get a sneak peek into innovation by being a salesperson.

3.      Experience TONS of new cultures. From India to Canada to your neighborhood, connecting people across the globe is a win-win for everyone. You get to build relationships for life by being a salesperson.

4.      Give back MORE to my community. Sometimes it’s time other times it’s money…MOST times its EXPERTISE. Sharing expert insights and strategies to the next generation is our jam. You get fulfillment by being a salesperson.

5.      Sleep EXTREMEMLY good at night. Working hard drumming up new business is hard. Working smarter to help even MORE people drum up new business is exhausting. You get a FULL night’s rest by being a salesperson.

6.      Solve REAL problems. Most of them are around communication and productivity. They can be decreased by warmth, perseverance and the belief that most people are capable of doing their job well with GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT. You get to make IMPACT by being a salesperson.

7.     BE YOURSELF. Spontaneous, fun, action-AND-results oriented are just a few words that describe me. Passionate, selfless and fiercely loyal are a few others. What words describe you? You get to reach your full potential by being a salesperson.

Are you in sales? Do you love being a salesperson? Post a comment below. We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and encourage you along the way!

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