About Us

Hi! I’m Michelle, a 6-time NCAA Honorary All-American Diver…go Wildcats! A born-and-raised Chicago girl with nothing more than passion, a computer and a dream, I’m proud to have started my first business venture “Heaven Sent Greetings” at the mere age of 8.

At 21, I was on my way to earning $135K in my first year as a Residential Real Estate Agent but realized I could make a bigger impact for my employer and community by training new reps with the RST Sales Manual & Training System.

Which brings me to today.

After 15+ years of helping startups, small businesses and multiple multi-million dollar Enterprises 3x their growth through Sales & Corporate Training, I chose to share my trade secrets with people just like you to help you do two things consistently: make more money and spend more time doing what you love.

What are you waiting for? Email me: mchelle.harris@gmail.com

Meet the Team


Processed with PICSPLAY

Processed with PICSPLAY

Jamen Dean Dröge , Lead Content Marketer

For more than three years, Jamen Dean Dröge has worked exclusively in the digital space. For much of that time, he has curated, aggregated and written content for social media. Jamen is a graduate from the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas.

In the past year, Jamen has focused his efforts on learning more about search engine marketing, programmatic display and pre-roll video. He is familiar with the logistics of copywriting, and enjoys writing ad copy for businesses.
Jamen in a lifelong learner. In addition to working full-time, he is exploring formal education in the mathematical world of computer science. His interests include: cybersecurity, software engineering and information architecture.

Specialties: Social Media Marketing, Community Management, Online Community Management, Business Development, Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Publishing, Digital Advertising, PPC, Facebook Advertising, Display Advertising, Pre-Roll Video, Mobile Advertising.

Jamen Dean Dröge

George G. Hinde, Lead Growth Scout

With an obsession for growth and a passion for expanding potential, George knows there is an optimal way to approach business and life. On a relentless journey to identify and implement best practices, he has spent years studying top performers to discover what makes them outliers and how their habits, mindsets, and systems can be implemented to become your best.

As a Growth Scout, George is meeting daily with businesses who need the extra edge in unlocking massive potential. George loves nothing more than digging in deep to identify where inefficiencies exist and how they can be eliminated. He knows the limitless opportunity that lies behind every good business idea and wants to see his clients capitalize on every bit of it.

Specialties: Leadership, Commercial Real Estate, B2B Business Development, Networking,  Strategic Problem Solving, Systems Development and Implementation, Finance, Graphic Design, Organizational Behavior, Organization Theory, Communication, Event Coordination, Event Marketing, Public Speaking

George G. Hinde