“As a business owner, I am constantly approached by numerous sales/marketing, business coaches and various others trying to “sell me” their extraordinary products and/or services.  In my initial meeting with Michelle, I quickly saw and realized the passion she has for what she does and immediately knew she was different than the rest and she’s the real-deal. She not only talks the talk but she also walks the walk!

She embodies a “customer-centric” philosophy and delivers an in-depth knowledge of business operations and development. She is well respected and recognized as an industry expert. She is knowledgeable, detail-oriented and an extremely savvy problem-solver.

I have seen and been around Michelle on many occasions since our initial meeting and still to this day, each time I see her or listen to her speak, she exudes the passion and expertise that so many others strive to possess or achieve.

She is truly an asset and has made me a better business owner!

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Troy Bandy is the a Registered Nurse (RN), licensed in both Kansas and Missouri, whose passion is helping others! He pairs a broad range of leadership experience in the corporate world along with clinical expertise in the healthcare industry. He took his unique combination of skills and deep understanding of the complexities of the healthcare system and founded Cherished Transitions, LLC to help families who are looking for a senior living solution for a loved one.


Troy Bandy, MHA, RN